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We help and assist many companies with guidance in Preclinical or Nonclinical testing required for their product registration in India. The data generated in GLP facilities can be accepted internationally in most of the countries.

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Pacific Toxicology Consulting

       We, human beings are exposed to the chemicals on daily basis. It is said that daily one new chemical is being added to our life. These chemicals may be naturally occurring in the environment or made by humans. Exposure to these chemicals could result in to ingesting by oral, breathing by inhalation or may be skin contact. The effect of exposure is dependent on dose and duration. It is said that there is none in this universe which is not toxic, dose determines the toxicity.
       The science deals with the mode of action of these chemicals, and their potential effects not only on the human body but also on the environment and the dose at which these effects elicited is called Toxicology.

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